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Brazilian fish pan


Frites 7 mm (freez chill) of
Frites 10 mm (freez chill) of
Frites 12 mm (freez chill) of
Frites 15 mm (freez chill) of
Oven Frites 10 mm (freez chill) of
Frites 8 mm (koelvers / chilled) of
Frites Tradition (koelvers / chilled) of
Frites 12 mm (koelvers / chilled) of
Frites 14 mm (koelvers / chilled) of
Crinkle Frites (koelvers / chilled) of
Fast Fry Frites 9 mm (koelvers / chilled) of
Fast Fry Frites 9 mm (freez chill) of
Finest frites 7mm (diepvries)
75 g pangasius fillets
20 g cuttlefish rings
30 g blue mussels
50 g tiger prawns
30 g onion
20 g garlic
30 g fresh pepper
30 g rib celery
20 g cooking oil
30 g olive oil
salt, pepper, bay leaf, dill
150 ml vegetable broth
100 g lime

Beschrijving recept:

Aantal personen: 1
Rinse the fillet, cuttlefish, and prawns. Cut the fillet and cuttlefish into stripes and onion into rings. Peel the garlic and cut the pepper into cubes. Peel the rib celery, rinse it, and cut into larger pieces.
Heat the cooking oil at 175 ┬░C and fry the prepared Farm Frites French fries (for approx. 3.5 min). Let them drip off and salt them after removing from oil. Heat the olive oil at the pan and fry the fillet, cuttlefish, and prawns successively in the oil.
Stew the garlic, onion and fresh pepper, seasoning them with salt and pepper. Pour the clear broth over the mixture, adding bay leaf and boiling at moderate heat for about 20 min, letting it reduce.
Stir in the fillet, cuttlefish, prawns and mussels for about 5 minutes before finishing. Simmer and serve in soup plate with fried half of lime and a stalk of dill. Serve Farm Frites fries, which can be eaten with the fish, as side dish.

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