The Living Nature Wall

Farm Frites’ Living Nature Wall is open for bees.

In our efforts to create a greener planet, Farm Frites has taken it quite literally. Bees and other insects are crucially important for pollinating crops and wild flowers. We have decided to lend them a helping hand. A gigantic green dyke was built, a living nature wall, between our Dutch factory and its surroundings. This dyke now provides a home for thousands of wild bees, bumble bees, hoverflies, butterflies, birds, amphibians and small mammals. It forms a link in the larger regional eco network.

The project is part of the larger ambitions of the company to become a leading accelerator of sustainability in the fries chain. By 2030 Farm Frites aims to halve their carbon footprint, (based on 2015 figures).
“Sustainability not only is about reducing the carbon emissions and saving natural resources, it is also critically important to focus on biodiversity” comments Farm Frites Sustainability Manager Mr Rutger de Kort. He continues: “Farm Frites is in essence an agribusiness, we depend on nature to harvest the tastiest potatoes for our fresh products, therefore we have a huge dependency and responsibility when it comes to preserving our natural environment. The Living Nature Wall is a way to set an example and inspire our business partners, from farmers to customers. Together we make a serious impact to improve our natural environment.”

Green Circles
The project was carried out by Farm Frites but with help and knowledge from Green Circles. Mr De Kort states: “Green Circles is an inspiring network of businesses, governmental organisations, educational and knowledge institutions that have a common dream to make the fries chain more sustainable. With the help of this network we were able to create a design of the nature wall and its surroundings that works best for wild bees and other threatened insects.”

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