The whole thing starts at the beginning: with inspired growers who love their job and with the best potato varieties you can get. Fries with the fresh taste of the field. Growers who deliver quality with a smile, day in and day out. That’s the magic secret of producing the best taste in the world in every helping of fries (and more). Read everything about sustainable potato cultivation, French fry varieties, our growers, and ‘Family Farm’. Welcome to the world of Farm Frites.

Our growing areas


Did you know....

...that the global population will increase by about 100 million people a year up to 2028? The potato is going to play an increasingly important role in feeding all these extra mouths. Potatoes use relatively little land, grow fairly quickly and are more climate-proof than most other crops. Furthermore, 85% of the potato plant is edible.

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Our farming history

Aardappelen Poten 658 Square

First potato variety

Irrigatie Argentinie Small

Pivot irrigation Argentina

Late 60s Farm Frites has started the first irrigation. At present, we have switched to so-called "pivot irrigation 'for potato production.

Poten Egypte Small

Farming in the Sahara

In Egypt we grow potatoes in the Sahara desert and we can plant and harvest twice a year. The growing conditions here are very complex. Intensive irrigation is required, and the soil type and salt content is highly variable.

Irrigatie Egypte Small

Pivot irrigation in Egypt

Without irrigation, the cultivation of potatoes in the Sahara desert is not possible. Thanks to center pivot irrigation it is possible to produce the potatoes.

Oogst Polen Small

Farming in Poland

In Damno, Poland, we farm on loamy sand soil, especially under irrigation. Here we started our own farm which has been awarded the title ‘Flagship Farm’.

Aardappelopslag April 2015 302 Small

First storage room Argentine

In Mar del Plato we have built the first storage room. In addition, potato cultivation takes also place here.

Global Gap

Global GAP in Poland

Farm Frites Polen is certified Global GAP for potatoes, making it the leader in Poland in this field.

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Mechanical harvesting in Argentine

In 2001 Farm Frites already possessed a harvester Contras. In 2008, we started harvesting in Argentina with two-row harvesters.

Rooien Polen Small

Flagship Farm Poland

As from 2009, the farm in Poland can call itself a 'Flagship Farm'. In the same year Farm Frites invested in the first self-propelled Puma.