Dany Vromman

'We have a mixed farm with both dairy cattle and arable farming activities’, explains Dany Vromman, a potato grower from Wallonia in Belgium. ‘We grow traditional crops like sugar beet, maize, cereals, potatoes and grass. We have been growing potatoes on our farm for four generations’.

’The varieties we grow are Innovator, Lady Anna and Felsina. Innovator potatoes are extremely high yielding, have regular shaped tubers and offer good disease resistance. Lady Anna has a very attractive, pale yellow skin and regular sized tubers. It does, however, require a bit more attention at emergence. The medium-early variety Felsina perfectly suits the lighter soils on our farm. And, by planting Felsina we can avoid any possible soil-borne diseases.

Foto Be Vromman

                                                   father Dany  and son Nicolas Vromman

Farm Frites perfectly matches our way of working, including when the potatoes are being lifted. The contracts and contract prices are around the market average. The range of varieties offered is ideally suited to our farming style. We have lots of confidence in our advisor Pierre-Yves Casterman, he always provides the support we need and tracks cultivation and storage along with us all year round. The invoice pay outs are always made as agreed.

We have been working with Farm Frites for over 25 years.

The information sent by Farm Frites is clear, accurate and organized and provided at the right time. Our advisor is always on call if problems occur at any time.