Enjoy the Power of Flower!

Farm Frites is proud to announce that a selection of our chilled fries are now par-fried in sunflower oil.

With this introduction Farm Frites reacts to the tendency of consumers to adapt a more conscious lifestyle. Did you know that sunflower oil boasts a reduced level of saturated fats compared to standard palm oil? As always the Farm Frites quality guarantee is applicable, assuring you that our products are of premium quality.

Ff Pof Website Heading
Fastfry 9Mm Chilled 2X4kg
Homestyle Belgian Chilled 2X5kg
Homestyle Rustic Chilled 2X5kg New
Steakhouse Chilled 2X5kg

 Only available in France:

Fries 10Mm Chilled 2X5kg
Fries 8Mm Chilled 2X5kg