Dariusz Wysocki

Agro-Belpol was established in 1999 as a Polish-Belgian joint venture, and since 2010 has been a Polish family company. Dariusz Wysocki: ‘We have been cooperating with Farm Frites from the very beginning. At the moment we are one of the largest suppliers to the plant in Lebork.’

‘Our company specialises in the production of raw materials for Farm Frites and deals exclusively with the cultivation of potatoes. Agro-Belpol leases 100% of the cultivated area. In the first year we planted 160 hectares and with every year we increased the number of hectares to about 500.  For Farm Frites we cultivate the following varieties:  Innovator, Zorba and Ludmilla, which are characterized by specific parameters that allow a high yield and high quality of French fries. Raw material collected from the field is later stored for several months in Farm Frites storage in Nowa Wies.’

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‘In order to achieve high yields, we have invested since the start in the latest technologies such as using self-propelled harvesters and sprayers equipped with a GPS-system.’

 Working closely with Farm Frites allows us to continuously develop our company. The effective cooperation with the professionals from the Farm Frites Potato department together with the numerous trainings Farm Frites offers, enhances our specialised knowledge on the cultivation of potatoes.’

‘Agro-Belpol is one of the first farms that joined the pilot group Sustainable Agriculture, which is established by the Polish Association for Sustainable Agriculture "ASAP". As a result, as conscious entrepreneurs we can count on effective development, taking into account the benefit of future generations.’