Tour de farm

In 2015 we started a Food Chain Partnership with Bayer and Kellogg’s. Goal is to improve the sustainable cultivation of potatoes. Once a year we organise the Tour the Farm (a farmers’ day) where we discuss topics that have priority in the potato cultivation / potato chain. We invite all our potato suppliers to join and these events are well-attended.

What has the partnership with Bayer brought us?

Walter Everaert-Roekens – potato grower:

“We opened our company to the Tour de Farm, which proved to be a very nice and interesting day. Various topics have been discussed, including the erosion problems in our region. We had already orientated ourselves by looking at a dam and diking system that has to prevent excess water and pesticides from being washed away. The collaboration helped us to get a clear view of this subject, and we have invested in a machine. Since then, we have applied the threshold technology to all our potato fields in the hills around Leuven.”

“I have been made very aware of the problems regarding the safe handling of pesticides. The demo opened my eyes to the risks, and ever since, I wear glasses and gloves whenever I work with pesticides. It has surely put me on the right track!”

Touer De Farm 1 (1)


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