Home-Style, our authentic range.

Fries with an authentic appeal are becoming an increasingly important feature on the menu. Guests expect superior quality fries with a pure flavour.

Farm Frites Home-Style are made using flavoursome potatoes to offer a rustic, robust, home-made look.

Grown fairly, specially selected and processed in Belgium to create irregular cut, artisan fries.

Fries in the true sense of fries.

Casual Dining

The landscape of the market has changed. The Casual Dining segment has grown considerably and continues to expand. Potato products are a key, basic item on the menu. Today’s guests increasingly value sustainability and a pure taste experience. By answering this need, you can make the difference in the hospitality segment and increase your success.

Home-Style offers an extensive range that responds to these trends. Characteristic products of outstanding quality. Choose our Home-Style quality.

- Authentic fries with an irregular cut

- Specially selected potato varieties guarantee a pure flavour

- Consistent quality, Chilled or frozen. Peeled or unpeeled. In a range of variations and specialties.