Roel Harthoorn

Roel Harthoorn has worked for more than 14 years at Farm Frites. He currently holds the position of Project Manager in the Supply Chain department.

What I find so attractive about working at Farm Frites is the sense of collegiality, the amazing products and the intense feeling of engagement shown by everyone. The variety and different levels of contact add up to make my job exceptional. Depending on the particular project I am working on, I am in contact with many different department within Farm Frites. But I am also in regular contact with people outside Farm Frites, such as our suppliers and logistic services providers.’


‘I started working at Farm Frites in 2005 as a member of the IT department. While I was at this department I collaborated on creating various IT solutions that are still used at the company. Good examples of solutions are the traceability of the end product using the barcode label and integrating our IT systems with our cold stores.  I also devoted many hours to the functionality of our current ERP system, QAD!’

‘When I subsequently started working at the Supply Chain department, I contributed by enhancing the visibility and reliability of our stocks. In addition, by changing the way we order our packaging materials, we have reduced the delivery times. Representing planning and logistics at a procurement tender for fresh fries boxes was also incredibly interesting and informative.'

No two days are the same at Farm Frites! There are always exciting on-going developments that you can learn a lot from and that offer opportunities for personal development. The new factory premises in Oudenhoorn have also created an even greater degree of cohesion and cooperation. That gives an enormous positive boost!’