Our leadership team

Jan Jongsma, CEO Farm Frites International b.v.

‘The most important promise to our customers for me personally, is our reliability to the market in the widest sense of the word. Delivering on our promises for me is key.’

Leon Boer, Potato Procurement Director

‘Our potato knowledge in the Farm Frites Group is the best in our industry. With a solid supply chain integration we produce the best quality product to benefit our farmers, partners and customers. Our farming heritage is the best ground to partner with our suppliers. We understand potatoes, we are FIRST IN POTATOES!‘


 Warden Zuketto, Commercial Director

‘For me, a day at At Farm Frites is all about just one thing: customer satisfaction. We want to know our customers personally and understand them. We want to know what drives them. With our service and products, we try day in and day out, to respond  in the best possible way. This is the base for valuable long-term relationships that we constantly strive for. Relationships I am proud of! Since in the long run, jointly we make more profitable business for both parties. "

Eric van Steekelenburg, Financial director  

'To me, Farm Frites represents dynamic. Not only because of always changing rural influences, but also because we are continuously developing. Farm Frites has a lot of potential to grow and our global expansion is for a reason. Employee engagement is high, and so is the desire to always strive for improvement. Every day at Farm Frites is a challenge that I take up with a lot of energy.'

Sylvia Hogenboom, HR director

'Farm Frites is an organization with a rich history. A company with culture, with passionate employees proud of 'their' Farm Frites! As a HR director, I want to build a bridge between this culture and the international growth that Farm Frites is currently experiencing to become a 'truly global force'. In which our standards and values always prevail. As Human Resources plays a crucial role in this process, I see a wonderful challenge that we, as a HR team, like to take up.'