Farm Frites Linkage plant in China reaches highest point

Thursday, June 9th, the Linkage Farm Frites construction site was the venue of a typical Dutch ritual, albeit Chinese-style. Late last year, the project team and the joint venture management set itself the goal to celebrate reaching the highest point of the building procession this date.

Instead of the Dutch tradition 'pans of beer' (there is indeed a strict alcohol policy on the construction site!), we decided to celebrate reaching this important milestone with speeches by Farm Frites owner Piet de Bruijne and Linkage CEO Yan Hongzhi. Following the speeches, the members of the joint venture management simultaneously cut a bright red ribbon (red is the colour of success in China). Afterwards spectacular fireworks exploded, in line with the ancient Chinese tradition. Despite the rapidly darkening sky and increasing winds, the weather gods were with us and kept it dry until after an extensive lunch at the conclusion of this memorable day.

For all the people in China and the Netherlands who work closely together to be able to start the new 10 tonnes/hour potato processing plant before the end of 2017, this was a special day. It was heartening to see that employees glowed with pride with this token of appreciation for their hard work that led to this important milestone.

The next milestone is the closing of the process building that, given the bitter winter in Inner Mongolia, is to be realized before the middle of November.