New - Fiesta Fries, Let's celebrate!

Add some colour to your dish!

Perupas Fiesta Fries QSR (Topview) 96Dpi 1181X835px X NR 2388 (1)

Fiesta Fries brings colour and variation to your menu. These fries are cut from traditional Peruvian potato varieties, which give the fiesta fries their purple, pink and yellow colours. The colours are 100% natural, such as their delicious taste.  Fiesta Fries are the perfect solution to boost your promotions, to enrich your kids menu and to create happy faces! 

  • Limited availability
  • Cutsize 10 mm
  • Frozen
  • Pre-fried in sunflower oil
  • 100% real colours, no additives

Interested? Please get in contact with your sales representative or sent an email to

Let's celebrate and create happy faces together! 

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