Potato experts

Growing potatoes is in our blood. After all, the founder of Farm Frites was a potato farmer and his knowledge has been passed down, generation to generation. Over the years, Farm Frites has grown to become one of the main potato growers and seed potato breeders in the world.

Potato experts

The agronomists at Farm Frites advise growers worldwide. This international team consists of specialists who fly all over the world, as well as local agronomists who are responsible for potato production.

This international team of agronomists has a considerable amount of expertise when it comes to growing potatoes, and Farm Frites believes it is important to share this knowledge. 

China 3

We therefore organise agricultural meetings several times a year at which the whole team is invited to share information on a wide range of agronomic topics. International focus teams were established in 2015 to work on specific topics.