Walter Hernandez

Argentinian company El Parque Papas S.R.L. is dedicated to the fruit and vegetable business and is specialized in the potatoes for industry, fresh and seeds market. The company is located in the town of ‘Comandante Nicanor Otamendi’, in the main Argentinian potato production region.

‘In 2002 our company started with a production of 1,300 tons of potatoes obtained from 30 ha. Due to increasing production demand, the planted area also increased every year’, explains Walter Hernandez fromm El Parque Papas. ‘We currently planted 900 hectares of fresh potatoes and 90 hectares of seed potatoes. In order to be able to provide the potato industry throughout the year, part of the production is stored in cold stores at its own facilities.’

El Parque Papas is working on "good agricultural practices in growing potatoes" certifying its processes under the Global GAP standards. Also since 2011 the company has the RAS standards, a certificate granted by the Sustainable Agriculture Network "Rainforest Alliance".

Walter Hernandez.

This season El Parque Papas planted varieties of Frito Lay (FL's) by agreement signed with PepsiCo. The varieties Daisy and Atlantic are planted for other markets, for the fresh market El Parque Papas plants the variety Spunta.

In 2015 we started working together with Farm Frites. We jointly prepare the provision of the plant with the products of Innovator and Russet Burbank varieties. Our expectations are placed on mutual growth in future campaigns.’

The cooperation between El Parque Papas and Farm Frites is still rather new so both parties don’t share  the expertise to conduct an assessment of a complete production cycle yet. But so far El Parque Papas welcomed all the efficient technical assistance from Farm Frites so far and has good confidence for the future.

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