Frequently asked questions

How does Farm Frites guarantee the consistent quality of its products?

Farm Frites guarantees the consistent quality of its products by applying stringent selection criteria to the potatoes, producing according to strict specifications and by only supplying finished products that fully comply with our exacting quality standards.

Does Farm Frites offer products with a lower fat content?

Farm Frites offers Nature's Goodness. These are just any fries, but fries that are so healthy they belong in the same category as boiled potatoes, whole meal pasta and pulses. With less fat and fewer calories than regular fries.

Why did Farm Frites decide to use sustainable palm oil?

Farm Frites uses sustainable palm oil in line with its commitment to respect the environment.

Do products from Farm Frites contain genetically modified organisms? 

No, all products from Farm Frites are all free of genetically modified organisms.

Does Farm Frites use recyclable packaging material?

Yes, Farm Frites uses recyclable packaging material.

Does Farm Frites offer a solution for faster preparation during peak moments?

The Fast Fry concept from Farm Frites offers a high quality product that is prepared in 50% of the standard cooking time! So you can sell double the number of portions in the same time. See the catalogue on this website with our range of products for more information about Fast Fry (Range, Fries).

What does 'freeze chill' mean? 

‘Freeze chill' products are deep frozen products that can be stored refrigerated at max 4°C. for seven days after thawing.

How do you prepare perfect fries?

Here are some handy tips for frying:

  • Heat the oil used for frying to 175°C. Check the temperature of the oil before frying each portion. During preparation, constantly check the temperature of the oil to ensure consistent quality of the finished fries.
  • Ensure you use clean oil for frying and change the oil regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not overcrowd the basket in the fryer. During preparation use a ratio of 1 to 10; that means fry 1 kilo of fries in 10 litres of oil.
  • Shake the basket of fries well during frying. This will ensure all the fries have an attractive, even golden colour.
  • Only fry the portions  once. Do not submerge the fries in oil a second time, otherwise they will absorb too much fat and start to soften.
  • Use the preparation time indicated on the packaging of each product.
  • When you have taken the basket from the oil, gently shake to remove excess oil from the fries. Place the fries in serving dish or bowl.
  • Serve the fries immediately after preparation, while they are still hot and crispy.
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