Joeri Lacroix

Joeri Lacroix from Belgium is 30 years old and has been working at Farm Frites since 2005. After a while spent working on a temporary contract, he was offered a permanent contract as an employee in the packaging department in 2006.

 ‘In 2007 I trained to become a Packaging Operator; a really interesting job as you are responsible for the entire packaging department. In 2009 I started working as a ‘flying operator’, a position where you take over the tasks of any colleagues on your shift off sick or on holiday leave. This means that you perform all the tasks at Farm Frites Sint Truiden, with the exception of operating the fries production line. It was versatile work that really appealed to me. Doing that work taught me an incredible amount, and in July 2009 I was ready to take the next step; in that year I was offered the chance to develop my skills further as co-foreman.’


 ‘This was completely new to me, as it is a managerial position. And of course I had to learn how to operate the fries line. Once again a whole learning curve, I particularly enjoyed operating the fries line. Thanks to this experience in a managerial position, I gained promotion at Farm Frites to become shift leader; that is still my job and has been since 2011.’

‘I am responsible for the entire production line, safety and a good performance by the members of my shift. It is a multi-faceted and challenged role which gives me plenty of opportunities to gain more leadership experience. What I really enjoy is managing the team. In 2015, I started combining my job as shift leader with the role of facilitator.´

The wide diversity of jobs at Farm Frites is particularly appealing.

‘Farm Frites is a true family company. I am developing my skills on both a professional and a personal level. This diversity is precisely what makes my job at Farm Frites so special. That applies not only to managing and supervising your shift but also to the development process you are part of.’


Steering and Responsibility

'I have started up the Steering and Responsibility project at Farm Frites Sint Truiden. The packaging zone is completely finished, the project has been started in production and quality. At the moment, we are setting up the Steering and Responsibility project at the Technical Services department. Implementation is planned for February. It´s a project I´m really proud of.´

I would certainly recommend Farm Frites as an employer to my friends.

'Farm Frites has granted me huge opportunities for further development. And, what´s more, Farm Frites is a true family company with driven and committed colleagues.´