Growing a greener planet together

The world is transitioning towards a sustainable economy. As a globally leading food producer, Farm Frites has both the opportunity and the responsibility to accelerate this change.

Packed with vital nutrients, potatoes are an essential crop in providing food for our growing world population. As a key player in the field, we are leading the charge to make the entire potato supply chain more sustainable, from farm to fork. By working together with farmers, suppliers, customers, governments and educational institutions, we can ensure that everyone can enjoy delicious potato products today and tomorrow. Read more about how we are working towards a greener future in our seven focus areas.

Climate change & energy

Reducing carbon emissions is critical in halting climate change. At Farm Frites, we are contributing to this global effort in two ways. First, we are improving our energy efficiency, meaning we can produce more products with less energy, primarily by optimising our production lines. We are also increasing our share of renewable energy, such as bio-energy, wind, hydro, and solar.

Sustainable agriculture

As the fourth largest food crop worldwide, the potato holds an indispensable role in global agriculture. Not only is it nutritious, versatile, and cost-effective, but it's also one of the 'greenest' crops when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. That is why Farm Frites believes sustainable potato cultivation is a cornerstone of a green tomorrow. Every day, we are making potato cultivation more sustainable, in an effort to minimise our impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.

Water management

Water scarcity is a global crisis with far-reaching implications for both human well-being and ecological balance. Farm Frites is steadfastly committed to sustainable resource management and to reducing its fresh water intake. We achieve this by making our production more water efficient and by increasing the share of water that we reuse, through water purification techniques such as reverse osmosis.

Sustainable packaging

Farm Frites uses packaging with the smallest possible environmental impact. This involves minimising the amount of packaging material required as well as using fully recyclable material, while ensuring the quality of our products is fully retained.


Farm Frites is committed to consistently delivering potato products of excellent quality and safety, while upholding the highest standards of transparency and responsible marketing. Our ultimate goal is not just to meet, but to exceed the evolving expectations of our customer base. By providing nutritious, responsibly-produced offerings, we continuously earn and maintain the trust of consumers who enjoy our potato products all over the globe.

Food Waste

Reducing food waste increases the availability of food for the most vulnerable, mitigates environmental impact and combats climate change. Our entire production process has been set up to ensure nearly full usage of our potatoes, with over 99% of our potatoes either being used or reused.

People and community

Our people are the beating heart of our company. Their skill, drive, and dedication allow us to do better every day. We pride ourselves on cultivating an inclusive work environment that values diversity and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. Beyond our offices and factories, we are deeply committed to helping the communities we are a part of to thrive, as good neighbours and active contributors.

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