Introducing our new pay-off: serving happiness 

Step into the world of Farm Frites, where happiness is always on the menu.  

For decades, we have been a trusted partner for foodservice entrepreneurs all over the world, providing them with delicious fries, potato specialties, appetizers and more. 

As times have changed, so has our business. Our organization has grown, and our vision and mission have evolved. That’s why we are introducing a new pay-off that better reflects our principles and beliefs: serving happiness.

About serving happiness

“Serving happiness” is all about creating smiles. Our dedication goes beyond producing high-quality food; we aim to share happiness in everything we do.  

From working together with our dedicated farmers to grow the tastiest potatoes and crafting them into premium potato products, to developing products and solutions that not only meet, but also exceed the ever-changing needs of foodservice entrepreneurs all over the globe.  

At every step along the way, we focus on sustainable growth for our partners, as we grow a better future together. From field to plate, we are serving happiness. 

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