Living nature wall

Farm Frites' 'Living nature wall' represents our commitment to being sustainable.

Located between our Oudenhoorn factory and the neighboring residential are, this project shows our dedication to protecting nature, supporting wildlife, and encouraging green initiatives.

The wall is 500 meters long, seven meters tall, and twelve meters wide. It's made from leftover soil from our potato harvest and provides a home for thousands of wild bees, insects, and other small animals. And, we're proud to have a big 'insect hotel' on this wall, offering a safe place for these important pollinators.

Local residents are also benefiting from this project. They're getting a quieter and more beautiful environment because of the flourishing natural area.

At Farm Frites, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously and continuously seek innovative solutions. Whether it's discovering greener methods, creating new products or caring for our employees, we're pioneering the way towards a brighter future.


Farm Frites 'insect hotel'

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