New: Chef’s Harvest Fries

Authentic fries with the ultimate taste

Consumer demand for tasty, affordable food continues to be strong worldwide. Farm Frites responds to this demand by introducing Chef’s Harvest Fries: authentic fries, full of flavor and with a homemade look, but without the need for chefs to peel, cut and pre-fry potatoes themselves.

Nothing beats a big plate of homemade, hand-cut fries, right? Meet our new Chef’s Harvest Fries, the solution for chefs that want to offer authentically crafted fries.

For Chef’s Harvest Fries, our growers carefully cultivate the tastiest Agria potatoes. These potatoes are grown in fertile clay soil, nourished by salty sea winds and pure rain. These – typically Dutch – conditions result in gorgeous potatoes, with the ultimate taste.

After harvesting, our Farm Frites experts carefully select the highest-quality potatoes, wash them, cut them into rustic fries and pre-fry them in small batches, ensuring the ultimate potato flavour. Chef’s Harvest Fries enable you to serve delicious authentically crafted fries, with a creamy texture and a beautiful golden colour. Minimum effort, maximum result.

Our delicious Chef’s Harvest Fries are available skin- on or skin-off, as a ½” Straight cut.

Why choose our Chef’s Harvest Fries?

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The ultimate taste

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Authentic fries, with a hand-crafted look

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From carefully grown Agria potatoes

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Longer shelf life than homemade, less food waste

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