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The demand for delivery & takeaway services has been consistently on the rise in recent years. Now, more than ever, convenient and tasty options can be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. No matter where diners choose to enjoy their meals, one constant remains: they expect their food to be delicious.

Farm Frites is committed to helping you meet this expectation by offering a range of products created to taste great, regardless of whether they are consumed at your restaurant, on the go or at home. From coated fries to appetizers and potato specialties.

Take our Chef's Specials Crispy Coated Fries. These fries are specifically designed to remain hot and crispy for longer, making them a perfect fit for delivery, takeout, or buffet-style restaurants. We cut our potatoes into perfectly sized fries and cover them with our special crispy coating. Serve warm and crunchy fries, anytime and anywhere.

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Chef-s Specials Crispy Coated Delivery steakhouse loaded 10mm landscape

Chef’s Specials Crispy Coated Fries

Chef’s Specials is our range of gluten-free coated fries that stay hot and crispy for longer, making them the perfect choice for delivery, takeaway, or buffet restaurants. We cut our potatoes into perfectly sized fries and cover them with our special crispy coating. Serve hot and crispy fries, anytime, anywhere.

Sweet Potato fries loaded (landscape)

Sweet Potato Fries

Our Sweet Potato Fries provide the versatility and delicious flavour your guests are looking for. With their naturally sweet taste, these long, skin-on fries pair excellently with a variety of dishes. They are easy to prepare and can be ready to serve in just 1.5 to 2 minutes. What’s more, a special coating keeps these gluten-free delights warm and crispy for longer. A popular alternative to regular fries.

Appetizers Shared Dining


Appetizers are our range of delectable finger foods that bring a touch of flair to your menu. Expand your delivery & takeaway menu and create memorable moments. Our appetizers come with a crunchy crust that keeps them warm for longer, making them perfect for delivery and takeaway services.

Delivery-Takeaway Wedges

Coated Potato Wedges

Our wedges are a popular potato side dish for on the go. These coated wedges are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Their coating keeps them hot and crunchy, making them an excellent option for delivery and takeaway services. They're sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces.

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Crispy Coated fries from Farm Frites are simply fantastic! Deliciously crispy and full of flavour, a real treat for everyone in the park. And it pairs perfectly with the rest of our range of treats.
Roy Vercoulen, - Hospitality buyer at Attractiepark Toverland – The Netherlands
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Chef’s Specials Crispy Coated

10 mm Extra Long Fries
Testimonial Chefs Specials APAC

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