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Meet Farm Frites

Farm Frites was established in 1971. Founded by Gerrit de Bruijne, our company emerged from a passion for potato cultivation, sprouting into a global enterprise over the following five decades.

Today, we grow over 1.5 million tonnes of potatoes every year and deliver over eighty types of fries, potato specialties and appetizers to foodservice providers all over the globe. But though the scale of our operation might have expanded, our core drive remains unchanged. To this day, we are committed to making people happy with the tastiest potato products.


Farm Frites today

Farm Frites started as an independent family business in Oudenhoorn, The Netherlands. Since its founding, Farm Frites has dedicated itself to delivering delicious potato products, in collaboration with a robust network of partners. Our team has now grown to over 1,500 colleagues working across five manufacturing facilities and forty global sales offices. Together, we are dedicated to serve the international market, supplying foodservice entrepreneurs in over 100 countries with a diverse assortment of fries, potato specialties and appetisers.

Delicious products for everyone

From our founding, we've invested in the cultivation, selection, processing, packaging and distribution of potato products year after year. This dedication not only elevates the quality and taste of our existing offerings but also fuels the creation of new products to meet the evolving demands of consumers across the globe. With over eighty distinct varieties of fries, potato specialties, and appetizers, we offer a wide selection to satisfy a world of tastes.


Above and beyond for our customers

At Farm Frites, our customers are the heart of everything we do. Understanding that each market is unique, we make it a point to immerse ourselves in various cultures, discovering what drives our customers both locally and internationally. It is our ongoing commitment to adapt, innovate, and align our offerings with the needs and desires of those we serve. In doing so, we grow together with our customers, enabling people everywhere to enjoy our delicious fries and specialties.

Committed to grow a better future

‘To grow a better future together, serving happiness from field to plate’, is our vision. Every day, we strive to do better: to get the best out of our people, to make sure our partners’ businesses thrive and to contribute to a greener planet. That’s how we bring joy all over the world with our tasty products and work together to grow a better future.

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