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We understand the diverse challenges faced by foodservice entrepreneurs and are committed to finding effective solutions together. Whether you’re looking to add more variety to your menu, find the ideal solution for delivery & takeaway, or want to serve delicious, authentic products… We are here to help.

Chef-s Specials Crispy Coated Delivery 7mm landscape
Delivery & takeaway

The demand for Delivery & Takeaway services has been consistently on the rise in recent years. Now, more than ever, convenient and tasty options can be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. No matter where diners choose to enjoy their meals, one constant remains: they expect their food to be delicious. Farm Frites is committed to helping you meet this expectation by offering a range of products created to taste great, regardless of whether they are consumed at your restaurant, on the go or at home. From coated fries to appetizers and potato specialties.

Loaded sweet potato fries landscape
Menu variation

In today's foodservice market, where variety and unique experiences are increasingly in demand, Farm Frites has got you covered.

Chef-s Harvest 12mm skin-on chilled paper cone
Authentic fries

The demand for Authentic Fries is on the rise. It mirrors a wider movement in the food industry towards authenticity and simplicity, celebrating the pure flavour of the main ingredient.

Finest 10mm skin on lobster landscape
Value creators

In the restaurant business, value creators are products that can greatly improve profitability. Farm Frites recognises the critical role of such items and offers a curated range of products engineered to make your customers happy, enhance your menu and improve your profit margins.

Quick Oven Fries
Fast preparation

In professional kitchens, where every second counts, efficient time management is crucial.

Appetizers Shared Dining
Bites to share

Shared dining is gaining popularity. As people seek memorable moments with friends and family when they dine out, we offer products that will enhance your menu and make occasions unforgettable for your guests.

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