We process the best potatoes in our food production line, all over the world (five factory locations: the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Egypt! Fresh from the field. Plenty of taste. Just like it should be. Because this is the only way to produce the best fries and potato specialties. Naturally, we strive to do this in a sustainable way, with respect for humans and environment. More than 1500 Farm Frites specialists are committed to this cause on a daily basis. You can see and taste this. Discover our product portfolio and give your guests a hint of the ‘fresh taste of the field' too…they will surely want to taste more!

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Did you know...

…….that fries really do make you feel happier? This is scientifically proven, and the reason is probably the high carbohydrate content, which has a calming influence. In addition, the smell and taste of fries are also said to have a calming effect.

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The history of Farm Frites


The idea was born

Gerrit de Bruijne, the founder of Farm Frites, visited America for a study trip where he saw with his own eyes the increasing popularity of potato products such as fries and chips. The idea to start producing fries on his own farm was born.

Boerderij Farm Frites

Foundation of Farm Frites

Gerrit de Bruijne founded Farm Frites. He started producing pre-cooked fries at a small-scale on his farm in Oudenhoorn.


First production line operational

The first production line became operational. Everything was still done by hand, from scraping the potatoes and removing the eyes to the frying.

Bus 3

Introduction of a cold-storage facility

The first foundation stone was laid for a cold-storage facility with a capacity of no less than 1,000 tonnes.

Krat Oudenhoorn

Start production potato flakes

Farm Frites began producing potato flakes – used for example in baby food and soup.


Farm Frites Belgium

Farm Frites capacity was expanded with the purchase of a Belgian production site in Lommel. This was strategically a good choice, as fresh potato fries were already popular in Belgium, the south of the Netherlands and the Ruhr area.


First sales office

Farm Frites opened its first sales office in Spain. From then on, a series of offices were opened abroad. Farm Frites now has 43 sales offices worldwide serving clients in over 100 countries.


New industrial hall

A completely new building was constructed in Lommel for the production of mashed potato products. This was a unique factory which, under the name ‘Farmo’, turned out to be (and continues to be) a huge success story.

Eqypt Valencia

Expansion in Egypt

Farm Frites built a fries factory in Cairo. A strategic decision, based not only on economic motives, but also on the idea of trying to improve prosperity in a country in which almost everyone lives on a minimum subsistence income.

St Truiden

BRAVI is enlisted

Farm Frites continued to expand rapidly. The Brabantse AardappelVerwerkende Industrie (Brabant potato processing industry), or BRAVI, in St. Truiden in Belgium became part of Farm Frites.


Farm Frites Poland

Farm Frites took over a former Polish state company. In November 1993, the first foundation stone was laid in Lebork. Farm Frites Poland has grown to become a high-tech factory in which tons of fries are produced each year.

Oexceeds Ton

Farm Frites continues to grow

The total global production of Farm Frites exceeded 500,000,000 kilograms.

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Farm Frites worldwide

Farm Frites supplies to more than 100 countries.