Farm Frites initiates Solar Park Oudenhoorn

Our next step towards a greener planet

At Farm Frites, we are committed to positively impacting and accelerating the transition towards a better, greener planet. We are excited to announce the commissioning of a solar park next to our production facility in Oudenhoorn, the Netherlands, featuring 46,500 solar panels.

Together with the solar panels on the roof of our Oudenhoorn production plant, Solar Park Oudenhoorn will generate 25 MW annually, equivalent to the yearly power consumption of roughly 8,000 Dutch households. This annual production covers 50% of the energy consumption of the Farm Frites Oudenhoorn plant.

In addition to generating green electricity, we have focused on landscape integration. Around the solar park, we established over four hectares of ‘new nature’ to stimulate biodiversity. We planted over 14,000 trees, plants and shrubs and realised 2,700 meters of new waterways in the area.

Under the solar panels, we’ve sown a biodiverse mix of species and created ground profiles that enhance the ground’s capacity to retain water after heavy rainfall. Altogether, this has transformed the park from a standard field of solar panels into a diverse and ecologically friendly area.

Farm Frites Sustainability Manager Hens Gunneman shares his enthusiasm: “The successful completion of this project has been very rewarding and has inspired us to tackle even more ambitious goals going forward.”

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