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At Farm Frites, we’re passionate about creating the finest potato products, ideal for chefs to delight their guests. The potato offers endless possibilities to serve delicious dishes with a wide range of tastes. To inspire your menu, we've compiled a collection of recipes that showcase what’s possible with our products. Explore our recipe ideas and discover new ways to enchant your guests.

Loaded Japanese Okonomiyaki Fries
Loaded Japanese Okonomiyaki Fries

Experience a spicy and delectable flavour with this loaded Japanese okonomiyaki fries recipe.

Tropical Loaded Fries
Tropical Loaded Fries

Try out loaded fries with a tropical twist! Pair these loaded fries with our Chef’s Specials Crispy Coated Steakhouse fries.

Parmesan Garlic Fries Zoom2
Parmesan Garlic Fries

Looking to add a special touch to your fries? Give these Parmesan Garlic Butter Fries a try.

adobo-buns recipe2
Adobo Buns

Crunchy hash browns, tender pork adobo, and vibrant veggies come together in this dish.

Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe
Tasty Potato Pancakes

With our Farm Frites potato pancakes you make for a perfect sweet dessert.

Greek Gyros with Fries 1 Zoom
Greek Gyros with Fries

Looking for a quick and easy recipe? Give Greek Gyros with our Fast Fry fries a try!

Sweet Potato fries loaded (landscape)_96dpi_1181x835px_E_NR-3816
Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

Looking to introduce something refreshing to your menu?

Mediterranean Mozzarella sticks_96dpi_1033x1181px_E_NR-3580 jpg
Mediterranean Mozzarella Stick Wraps

Try the Mozzarella Stick Wrap for a surprising combination that uplifts your menu.

Frittata di Patate with Rissolees_96dpi_1181x744px_E_NR-2004
Frittata Di Patate

Try out this vegetarian potato frittata.

Stek z bardzo cienkimi frytkami 5mm
Beef topped with Finest 5mm fries

Enhance your dining experience with tender fillet steaks paired with a delicious salad mix, all topped with our Finest Fries 5mm for an irresistible crunch.

Fish&chips z cieniutkimi frytkami 5mm farm Frites
Fish and Fun

Try a different take on traditional fish and chips with this Fish and Fun recipe.

Finest Super Fine Fries 5mm + vegetables_96dpi_787x1181px_E_NR-1834
Finest Veggie Fries

Want to add a vegetarian dish to your menu? We've got you covered. This Finest veggie fries recipe combines savoury vegetables with our crunchy Finest 5mm fries.

yakisoba-a-popular-japanese-dish-with-fried-vegetables-bacon-and-fries JAPAN
Yakisoba Loaded Fries

Serve a fusion of flavours with our Yakisoba Loaded Fries.

Mini squid waffle hashbrowns_96dpi_1181x787px_X_NR-2124
Mini Squids with Mini Waffles Hashbrowns

Discover this flavourful fusion dish with Mini squids & mini waffles hashbrowns. Pairing crispy Farm Frites mini waffle hashbrowns with tender scored squid, this dish is a delightful twist on seafood.

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