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Chef's Harvest. The ultimate taste.

There is a high demand for fresh, pure and tasty products. Products with a story that ensure an exciting taste experience. That is why we introduce Chef's Harvest with pride.

For Chef's Harvest, our farmers grow the best potatoes to serve you and your guests the tastiest fresh fries. The potatoes are grown in the fertile clay soils, ensuring the full potato flavour.

After harvest they are carefully selected, washed, rustically cut and par fried in small batches to guarantee a consistent high quality, all year round. Chef's Harvest has a delicious bite and a soft internal texture. Experience Chef's Harvest - The Ultimate Taste all year round.

Fresh fries produced in an authentic way

  • 12 mm skin on / skin off
  • Authentic cut
  • Pre-fried in sunflower oil
  • Natural and honest ingredients
  • Year round constant quality
  • Packed in 2 x 5 kgs box

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The tastiest fresh fries on your menu?

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