Food quality & safety

As a food producer, our products form a source of nutrition for people across the globe. This places a steadfast responsibility upon us to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and food safety. Our entire operation has been carefully designed to uphold this commitment at every step along the way. From farm to factory and from storage to delivery. We go above and beyond to guarantee our products are both safe to consume and of excellent quality.


Cultivating food-safe, quality potatoes

Delivering excellent products starts on the field. Across the globe, our farmers operate under a GlobalGAP certification for food safety, complemented by regional accreditations such as VVA or Vegaplan in Western Europe. To retain their food safety certification, farmers must comply with regional and national laws on safe and hygienic food production, which is verified annually by an independent auditor. Moreover, a week before delivery, farmers are required to submit cultivation records, verifying the legal use of crop protection agents during the growth process.


Producing food-safe, quality fries

Before our products leave our facilities, our highly skilled team carries out exhaustive inspections, both during and after the manufacturing process. These meticulous evaluations take place in our in-house quality control labs, as well as in accredited external laboratories. The tests and assessments include sensory evaluations as well as microbiological and chemical analyses.

But our commitment to quality and safety isn't confined to just our finished products. It extends to continuous monitoring of packaging materials, storage facilities, and transportation. In this endeavour, we maintain a tight-knit collaboration with our supply chain partners, continually refining our procedures and aligning our quality and safety benchmarks in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.


Traceability and pre-sampling

All our potatoes are fully traceable, which means we can determine the exact farm or even the specific field from which our potatoes originate. This allows us to act swiftly and effectively in case of any incidents related to contamination or foodborne illnesses.

Before entering the production line, each batch of potatoes undergoes several preliminary samplings. When the potatoes are transported to a production location, we take a sample to determine their quality and suitability for various products. Pre-storage, we assess metrics including average length, size, defects, and underwater weight. These are all factors that remain consistent throughout the storage season. Finally, right before delivery, another sample of potatoes is made into fries and evaluated on various parameters.

Farm Frites quality

Farm Frites proudly holds multiple certifications to vouch for our exceptional standards:

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BRC British Retail Consortium Global Standards for food safety

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IFS International Featured Standards for food safety

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Halal for chips, flakes and pancakes

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Kosher for chips, flakes and pancakes

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RSPO Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

In addition, our dedication to safety, quality, and sustainability is articulated through:

●      Code of conduct
●      Sustainability report 2022

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