Farm Frites places natural noise barrier against noise pollution

Farm Frites in Oudenhoorn creates a nature-friendly noise barrier between the Farm Frites factory site, the Vlotbrug sports complex and the Kooistee residential area. Farm Frites wants to reduce the noise nuisance for the residential area while at the same time contributing to the growth of the apiary. Bees and other pollinating insects are not doing well. This is disastrous for both agriculture and nature. Bees take care of the pollination of about 80% of the plants and food crops on earth.

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Advice Bee help desk for noise barrier

The noise barrier will be sown and planted in October 2019. The noise barrier is around 500 meters long, 7 meters high and 12 meters wide. The ground for the noise barrier consists of soil residues that have come with the supplied potatoes. Farm Frites has asked the Groene Cirkels Bijenhelpdesk for advice about the layout. The Groene Cirkels Bijenhelpdesk, for example, proposes sowing ashore with herb-rich grassland and ensuring a long period of blooming flowers. This makes the sound barrier a home for wild bees, bumble bees, gliders, butterflies, birds and small mammals and amphibians. The noise barrier is a link in the development of a large South Holland bee landscape.

Green Circles partnership

Farm Frites is working in a partnership with Wageningen University, HAS University of Applied Sciences and the province of South Holland to make its production chain more sustainable. In addition to the efforts for a climate-neutral plant and chain, the partners are committed to a healthy soil for the potato cultivation and the strengthening of biodiversity.

View the advice of the Green Circles Bee Help Desk. Prepared by ecologists from Wageningen Environmental Research at Wageningen University. (In Dutch only)

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