Chef-s Harvest chilled skin off 12mm
Chef-s Harvest skin off 12mm 5kg CHILLED
Chef-s Harvest Frozen 12mm

Chef's Harvest

Chilled Fries 12mm

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Discover Chef's Harvest - our premium artisinal fresh fries, with an rustic cut size of 12 mm.

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    The ultimate taste

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    Made of the best Agria potatoes

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    Fresh, traditional fries, with a hand-crafted look

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    Longer shelf life than homemade, meaning less food waste

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    Beautiful golden yellow colour


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    Gluten free

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For the ultimate flavour, fry small quantities in hot oil (175°C) for +/- 4 minutes. Handle Chef's Harvest with care; because the fries are fresh they may break more easily. Use a good quality French fry scoop and scoop fries from the side to prevent breakage. Carefully move and open the boxes of the fresh fries to minimize any damage to the fries.

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Potato (96,7%), sunflower oil (3,3%).

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Store in refrigerator at 0°C - 4°C. Keep for a limited period (see packaging). Do not consume the product after expiry date.

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Crispy Coated skin-on fries from Farm Frites are simply fantastic! Deliciously crispy and full of flavour, a real treat for everyone in the park. And it pairs perfectly with the rest of our range of treats.
Roy Vercoulen, - Hospitality buyer at Attractiepark Toverland – The Netherlands
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Chef’s Specials Crispy Coated Fries

10mm skin on
Hospitality buyer at Attractiepark Toverland – The Netherlands
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